Starting a Restaurant Pt. V

restaurant5Hello and welcome back for the fifth installment of the Starting a Restaurant series. It has truly been my pleasure to share this information with you and help in the process of educating hopeful restaurant entrepreneurs. This article will focus on the employees you will undoubtedly encounter while owning and operating your restaurant. Enjoy and please feel free to share!

Hiring the Best Employees:

This may come as a surprise but hiring great employees can be difficult. You should be actively looking for top-notch talent the work for you and help grow your restaurant to be well-known and successful. Great employees have the power to boost up production, efficiency, and overall moral of the restaurant. It also works in reverse, where a bad employee or someone who isn’t properly trained can sink your restaurant with bad reviews and negative experiences. Hiring the best employees you can is a vital step and something to not be overlooked.

First Steps:

Developing a strong and detailed job description for any and all applicants looking to work for you is crucial to getting the best employees you can. You don’t want anyone applying for a job under false pretenses or having the wrong ideas as to what they would be doing, should they be hired. All duties and responsibilities must be clearly outlined so the applicant pool can be narrowed down. Also, feel free to add a section on the application for special skills or interests to see how good of a fit the applicant would be in your restaurant and to test to see if they would be utilized correctly.

Pay Scale:

Develop a firm pay scale for you employees so they know what they can shoot for. Make sure you detail how employees can move forward in the restaurant and how they can take on more responsibility if they desire it. Be prepared to pay more for more experienced staff members, such as a great chef, but that is something you need to determine whether or not you can afford the expense.

Extra Information:

– When operating your own restaurant make sure you are completely up to date on wage-and-hour requirements as well as child labor laws. Its best to not be in the dark about these things and avoid legal implications.

– Through strong knowledge of the restaurant and bar industry I have learned that tip reporting can sometimes be a very tricky issue. It is not only very important for employees to collect their fair dues in the form of tips, but it is also something carefully monitored by the IRS. Be sure to check with your accountant to make sure all tips are reported with full details.

– Training is key for any job in any industry, the restaurant industry is no different. Make sure all of your employees are constantly being trained and challenged so they can perform in stressful environments and be prepared for everything.

Thank you once again for joining me for another installment in the Starting a Restaurant series. Check back again soon for more.

Belal El-Atari