Starting a Restaurant Pt. II


Welcome back to the second installment on how to start a restaurant. As we talked about last time deciding on what you want to do, who you want to cater to, and what you want to serve is a major factor when starting up your own restaurant. Once you’ve decided on the target market you’d like to bring through the doors, its time to pick what kind of food concept you’ll be serving. This piece is intended to give you a better idea on what to create in your new restaurant.

Restaurant patrons want to be excited about the level of service and the dining experience as a whole, they do not want to be surprised with what comes out of the kitchen. A birthday cake with sparklers is one thing, but serving italian at a seafood establishment will be sure to confuse people and lose you business. Like we talked about last time, stick to what you know. If you know how to make the best steaks out there, strongly consider a steak house. If you can whip up the best chicken parmesan,  I’d recommend that you open an italian spot that causes others to envy your recipes. Below I’ll give you a quick rundown of some of your options to mull over when considering what food you want to serve.


Fresh seafood couldn’t be more popular, especially during the summer. Selling seafood that’s baked, fried, seared, grilled, or even raw provides you with tons of choices to serve your customers. There is also a fair amount of risk when it comes to serving seafood as the market price shifts regularly with the supply fluctuating and many types of seafood being seasonal.


Many say that nothing beats a well-cooked steak. I would be inclined to believe this statement on certain occasions. There is something about a juicy and perfectly grilled steak that evokes the “eyes bigger than your stomach” syndrome, which isn’t the worst problem to have. A good steakhouse has loyal followers of all ages and have perfected their craft with aged beef, perfect grilling methods, and exceptional service. People will pay a lot of money for good beef but all the pieces of the puzzle need to be there for them to keep coming back.

Family Style:

This type of restaurant does exactly what its name implies, it caters to families. These types of restaurants charge reasonable prices, have a friendly staff, and appeal to seniors as well. The service is fast and reliable and the servers tend to know the patrons on a deeper level. The menu at a family style restaurant allows for a wide variety of combinations and selections as they intend to best serve the age range of child to senior. Think about the classic menu items like burgers, salads, wings, wraps, and more if you’re considering this style as your own.


An ethnic restaurant that serves amazing food at an unbeatable price is a usually a winner. If you are the first to market at starting an ethnic restaurant in your town or city, you could have a very lucrative business on your hands. Popular restaurants in this category include japanese, vietnamese, Mediterranean, German, French, Thai, Caribbean, or Indian. People like to try new things and having a diverse and culturally specific establishment under your management could be the best thing since sliced bread.


Now I know what you think when you consider a Pizzeria as your restaurant, a low priced town pizza shop that teenagers hang out in all day. Believe it or not, you have options. You could provide hungry customers with the classic to-go restaurant with a full customizable menu and beer with limited seating. You could also provide a more upscale atmosphere focus on providing people with a more gourmet pizza, a large selection of beer and wine, and provide traditional Italian dishes with your top-notch and high quality pizzas and ingredients.

Sandwich Shop:

A truly good sandwich shop provides customers with a large selection of delicious cold-cut layered sandwiches and has a seated area in case people don’t want to eat their sandwich on the go. A lot of sandwich shops are adapting to the changing diets of people and are providing more in terms of salads and fresh ingredients. They are also serving prepared meats, smoked fish, cheeses, and hot entrees with the option of dining in or catered meals.

I hope this list gives you a better idea of what you want to serve to your soon to be loyal customers. Good luck.


Thank you for reading!

Belal El-Atari