Starting a Restaurant Pt. V

Hello and welcome back for the fifth installment of the Starting a Restaurant series. It has truly been my pleasure to share this information with you and help in the process of educating hopeful restaurant entrepreneurs. This article will focus on the employees you will undoubtedly encounter while owning and operating your restaurant. Enjoy and please feel free to share! Read more →


Starting a Restaurant Pt. IV

Welcome back for the fourth installment on how to properly start a restaurant. This has been a lot of fun for me to share this information with all of you and I hope that it has been helpful in any way you needed it. This installment will be focused on creating a business plan for your restaurant. Enjoy the article and be sure to share it with others. You can also feel free to use the contact form on this website to share any other ideas with me, and I may feature them on this site! Read more →


Starting a Restaurant Pt. III

Welcome back once again for the third installment of How to Start a Restaurant. You can find Part I and Part II by click the links provided. If you are interested in starting your own restaurant I would definitely take a look at the information in those articles to get a better sense of what you want to do with your new business if you have decided already or are having trouble coming up with ideas. This new installment in the series will focus on choosing a location for your restaurant. Some people have differing views on this subject and how location can affect your business and the success of the restaurant as a whole. Enjoy the article and be sure to share on your social networks. Read more →


Starting a Restaurant Pt. II

Welcome back to the second installment on how to start a restaurant. As we talked about last time deciding on what you want to do, who you want to cater to, and what you want to serve is a major factor when starting up your own restaurant. Once you’ve decided on the target market you’d like to bring through the doors, its time to pick what kind of food concept you’ll be serving. This piece is intended to give you a better idea on what to create in your new restaurant.

Restaurant patrons want to be excited about the level of service and the dining experience as a whole, they do not want to be surprised with what comes out of the kitchen. A birthday cake with sparklers is one thing, but serving italian at a seafood establishment will be sure to confuse people and lose you business. Like we talked about last time, stick to what you know. If you know how to make the best steaks out there, strongly consider a steak house. If you can whip up the best chicken parmesan, I’d recommend that you open an italian spot that causes others to envy your recipes. Below I’ll give you a quick rundown of some of your options to mull over when considering what food you want to serve. Read more →


Starting a Restaurant Pt. I

The are a select few out there that have the passion and love for cooking enough to start their own restaurant. It takes hard, hard work and dedication, long nights, and more stress than you can imagine. It isn’t like the Food Network shows out there where everyone succeeds. In fact an overwhelming amount of startup restaurants fail for various reasons within the first year of opening their doors. Now this is not me telling you not to start your own business and provide countless customers with your unique flare on dishes from around the world, but instead I am to motivate new restaurant owners to succeed. I want them to ask themselves are they willing to be awake and working for over 24 hours sometimes, work weekends, go between the grill and the management office, and much much more. If you have these skills and these desires, you just might make it. This article will be part of an ongoing series of how to create a successful restaurant from the ground up. Read more →