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Belal El-Atari

Belal El-Atari is the CEO of Buffalo Wing Factory and Pub located in Charlottesville, VA. His hard work and dedication to the creating the best restaurant he could has paid off over the years by allowing Belal to expanded into 4 different locations through the state of Virginia. While he’s a dedicated business owner on his own, Belal credits his father as the man who has shaped who he has become. He watched his father work long days and nights in order to support his family since Mr. El-Atari believed that Belal’s mother should focus on the home and raising their children.

Belal & The Buffalo Wing Factory:

A high school hot spot, Belal eagerly worked at The Buffalo Wing Factory when he was only 15 years old. He would continue to think of new and innovative ways to improve the business as a teenager and vowed that if he ever were to own a business, he would shape it with those in mind. In 1997 the previous owners of the restaurant decided to sell, and approached Mr. El-Atari to gage his interest in buying. He took them up on their offer and soon, the Buffalo Wing Factory became a family business. Experiencing every position that the restaurant had to offer, Belal has climbed the ladder over the years and ultimately took over as CEO. This promotion allowed him to take action on all the innovative ideas he had as a teenager and present a better and more customer friendly restaurant.

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Buffalo Wing Factory and Pub Craft Wings

As the years go on, the Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub continues to evolve. It’s in an exciting phase of growth as it expands its menu by adding more delicious dishes and adding to its expansive craft beer selection. The restaurants plan to push to be a leaders in their field by taking the steps to become more environmentally conscious as well. Belal recognizes that he couldn’t be in the position he without a strong team behind him. Finding the right matches has proved challenging, but the hard work has reflected as customers often come back to spend time with the servers they see as family now. Belal El-Atari advises young entrepreneurs trying to enter the food industry to surround themselves with honest, loyal, and hardworking people.

It’s very rare that people get the chance to do what they love in life. Belal is humbled and grateful that he gets the opportunity to run a company he’s been passionate about for over 15 years. It has given him the chance to live a great, fulfilled life filled with trips with friends and family and play golf (when he’s not working of course!) The years ahead are excited on a professional and personal level, and Belal El-Atari can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

“Be prepared to work your butt off, it’s not easy”.  – Belal El-Atari